I've enjoyed all your Stories from Jewish History, but this one is the tops.

Really makes the era and the man come alive.

Thank you for making your scholarship accessible to the layman.

Looking forward to more.


Steven Drucker

Dust and Stars

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Another great article! And YAY for your inclusion of AlHaTorah links! :D

If I may make a non-substantive niche-meme comment, in response to your "One Code to Rule them All": it may be said that R' Moshe Isserles's original project (before he changed his plans) reflected his ambition of "Ashkenaz durbatulûk, ashkenaz gimbatul, ashkenaz thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul."

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'mass conversions out of ecstasy' where can I read more about this?

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